About Us

nineNORTH Men's and Women's Boutique / Haddonfield, NJ
Opening a Mens and Womens boutique in 2020 mid-pandemic.
Crazy? Maybe. 
If you know co-owners Alyssa and Mike you probably know one thing that they are most passionate about is supporting local small businesses. This passion is what started the nineNORTH concept and will be the foundation for running their business. Alyssa and her dad talked about opening a brick & mortar boutique since Alyssa was 10 years old, but both being extreme realists, the answer was always, “when it’s the right time”. What better time than during a global pandemic? Amidst months of lockdown, Alyssa and Mike came to the realization that they absolutely needed a new challengeSo for that reason, they started writing a business plan for nineNORTH. The name represents the home Alyssa grew up in and the feeling of comfort associated to there  
We often talked about the void in men’s clothing and not having the amount of options that women did.  Mike got very used to the “man-chair” while Alyssa shopped in women’s boutiques. This sparked an idea and they both loved the concept of a locally owned boutique that caters to both men and women. This idea became the basis of their business, nineNORTH. 
Alyssa worked in clothing boutiques throughout her entire upbringing where she learned the fundamentals of operations, curated buying and the customer facing part of the business. She later went on to help run a wholesale specialty accessory company, where she built industry relationships and her passion for growing and supporting small businesses really began.  
Mike spent 10 years in both marketing and retail/data analytics. His experience brings an in-depth understanding of the complexities behind growing a business of this type, as the industry becomes more dependent on consumer data and e-commerce.  
We are energized and ready to take nineNORTH from concept to reality, offering quality clothing for both men and women, as well as the personal attention that can only be provided by a small locally owned business. They will focus on denim, basics, athleisure and accessories… the live-in clothing that you cannot get enough of (especially in 2020).  
nineNORTH is catering to the current lifestyle of both men and women today. Our clothing will take you throughout your day, whether that’s in athleisure or your favorite denim and white tee. To us, nineNORTH represents home - the feeling of comfort, ease and peace of mind. We are so excited to welcome you home to 3 Kings Ct. Haddonfield, NJ (conveniently located across the street from Kings Road Brewing Company) or online at www.shopninenorth.com. 
Alyssa, Mike and the rest of the nineNORTH family