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Pig & Hen Brontide 6mm Adjustable / Kyoto | Silver

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The Brontide 6mm Adjustable is for those who like a clean, subtle look. This adjustable bracelet is perfect to combine with other bracelets, but can also be worn alone.

The bracelet features gemstones that all carry a valuable meaning. The names Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya are based on the colors that characterize these cities.

Kobe: Shiny Tiger Eye, Matt Black Agate and Shiny White Howlite.
Kyoto: Matt Amazon, Dragon's Blood, Jasper and White Agate.
Tokyo: Black Agate, Brick Red Agate and Shiny Red Agate.
Nagoya: Shiny Green Spot, Jade, Black Agate and Tiger Eye.

Medium - 7 ⅛" wrist size (average men's size)
Large - 7 ⅞" wrist size

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